About us

Cuperova Hana - owner

I`ve studied a Security Law Academy. From a young age, I had a very good feeling for buying and valuing real estate, which eventually led me to the profession I now practice. In 2010 I realized my first auction of agricultural land which I sold with a profit later on.

Currently you can realize purchase or sale of your real estate by yourself, as I did in the beginning. You can do the advertising without any big problem and knowledge but soon you realize that it costs you a lot of time and often also unpleasant experiences and surprises. If this relates to the legal knowledge of purchase and sales of real estate, money transfers or the after-sale transfer of services from existing to new owners. After a short time working as Reality Broker for a large broker network I decided to go my own way. Main reason was the fact I wanted my clients to go through the process of purchase/sale of real estate without any stress and with perfect service, which is essential for me.

I am experienced in building and re-construction of houses, purchase and sales of land for further investment activities (civil as well as commercial buildings), sales of development projects and participation in auctions.

I am certified Reality Broker according to the Real Estate Brokerage Act Nr. 39/2020 Coll. (Certificate Nr.MMR_2001150/66-042-M ) and i speek croatian language.


Koubková Andrea

I spent 25 years of my career in banks (ABN Amro Bank, Česká spořitelna, Raiffeisenbank), main part in the corporate banking. During my banking career I often accompanied my clients through the process of purchase or sale of either commercial or private real estate while I secured moreover the financing part of the transactions. But the process was always very interesting for me. In my private life real estate was moreover my hobby or a necessity in case of purchase or sale of my own ones. Anyway, I always assumed any investment into a real estate as the most advantageous among others. And I succeeded to successfully purchase, re-build and re-decorate some of my own real estate and then sell them further with profit.

In some moment I decided not to continue in my banking career. And I decided to follow two professional ways in the future. The first one is Reality Broker. Therefore I decided to go through the certification process and became official RE Broker. The second way is Financial Advisory for private and corporate clients. I provide these services as a Senior Consultant under the brand 4Fin better together. During my banking career the main aim for me were the services provided to my clients, their trustworthiness and long-term relationship. But within the banks I was a bit limited by the product offer of one institution/bank only. Today I enjoy the comfort of so called “free hand” and I can offer to my clients the best and most advantageous products across the financial market in the area of financing (mortgages, private and commercial loans), insurance or investment activities.

I am certified Reality Broker according to the Real Estate Brokerage Act Nr. 39/2020 Coll. (Certificate Nr. MMR_2001206/66-042-M)

Work became a fun and hobby for me and my main aim is a successful client. I speak German and English.